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What if the vibration motor of the dewatering screen is smoking?


Dewatering screen vibration is mainly implemented by the vibrator, usually in the running of the machine, because there is no on dewatering screen vibration motor repair and maintenance of the daily maintenance, or the voltage smoking phenomenon caused by unstable vibration motor, and the reason is that the cause of motor smoking, then these reasons and how to solve it, the following will introduce in detail such problems as part of the reason and the corresponding solutions.

Causes of smoke from vibrating motor of dewatering screen

dewatering screen

1,Overload or start frequently when the vibration motor is running;

2, The cage rotor inside the vibration motor broken bar;

3, Vibration motor fan failure, resulting in poor ventilation;

4, The vibration motor power supply voltage is too high, so that the iron core heating greatly increased;

5, The vibration motor in the operation of the phase, two-phase operation.Lack of phase means the lack of a wire, if the vibration motor for a variety of reasons, lack of a wire, it will be in the vibration motor running uneven slow rotation, at the same time heat, vibration motor if the machine is not stopped in time to produce smoke or burn symptoms of the vibration motor.

The solution to the problem.

dewatering screen

1,Note that the vibration motor should be controlled and started according to the specified number of times when the load is reduced;

2,Check and eliminate rotor winding faults of vibration motor;

3,Check, repair and replace the fan of the vibration motor of the dewateringscreen

4,Reduce the dewatering screen vibration motor power supply voltage (such as adjusting the power supply transformer tap), correct the connection.

5,Start the thermal relay protection. When the phase is missing, the contactor can protect that two phases will automatically disconnect when the phase is missing.

No matter what cause the vibration motor smoke, please immediately cut off the power supply, protect the motor at the same time can also protect their personal and property safety.We hope the above content will be helpful to all customers.

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