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Dewatering screen vibration motor placement considerations


Vibration motor as an important accessory of dewatering screen,  it is directly related to the normal operation of the whole equipment, when dehydration screen for a long time not to use, vibration motor is protected, so how to deposit dewatering screen vibration motor is a problem, if improper placement may affect the later use, so here we just simply introduce vibration motor placement matters needing attention.

  1. If it is not used for more than 3 months, it is necessary to remove the vibration motor of the dehydration screen, disassemble the bearing, apply it with no.3 lithium base lubricating oil and install it.
  2. Put it in a ventilated and dry room without harmful gas

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3, The temperature is above 5 degrees, the relative humidity is not more than 50%, if the air is too humid, air on the dehydration screen vibration machine time erosion will have rust phenomenon, during the storage period also want to check the dehydration screen vibration motor moisture and rust

4,The motor should be kept in a balanced storage state, should not be placed vertically or diagonally, which is not conducive to the original or parts of the reset, vibration motor in the dehydration screen damage

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  1. During storage, the vibration motor of the dehydration screen shall be maintained, and the rotor shaft shall be rotated every month
  2. Check the insulation of winding insulation resistance with 500v megohm before use, do not let it work when it is lower than 5 megohm, it will burn the motor for a long time, to do moisture-proof treatment first, under 5 megohm is the phenomenon of damp, to dry it, drying temperature should not exceed 120 degrees

The above are some notes on how to place the vibration motor of the dewatering screen, we hope these will be helpful to you.In short, we should learn more relevant industry knowledge at ordinary times, so as to effectively avoid some unnecessary things.

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