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Filter press operating procedures


Filter press operation performance is relatively stable, its structure and working principle is simple, so the failure rate is very low.However, if the fault caused by improper operation will not be able to run normally, so it is important to master the operation of the filter press procedures, we will be a simple summary for you.

Prefiltration inspection

(1) Check the inlet and outlet pipelines before operation, whether there is leakage or blockage in connection, whether the pipelines and filter press plate and frame, press cloth should be kept clean, and whether the inlet pump and valves are normal.

(2) Check the rack connecting parts and bolts, nuts are loose, should be adjusted at any time to tighten, the relative movement of parts must often keep good lubrication, check reducer and nut oil cup oil level in place, whether the motor positive and negative rotation is normal.

fliter press

Ready to start filtering

(1) Connect the external power supply, press the operation box button, make the motor reverse, the roof back to the appropriate position, then press the stop button.

(2) Hang the clean press cloth on both sides of the filter plate, and align the material hole, the press cloth must be larger than the sealing surface of the filter plate, the cloth hole must not be larger than the pipe hole, and smooth is not allowed to fold to avoid leakage, the plate frame must be neat, the order of the filter plate can not be put wrong.

(3) Press the forward button on the operation box to make the middle roof press the filter plate tightly. When the current reaches a certain level, press the stop button.


(1)Open the filtrate export valve, start the feed pump and gradually open the feed valve to adjust the feed valve, according to the filter speed pressure gradually increased, at the beginning, often turbidity filtrate, then turn to clear.If there is a large leakage between the filter plates, the top tightening force of the middle roof can be appropriately increased, but due to the capillary phenomenon of the filter cloth, there is still a small amount of filtrate leakage, which is a normal phenomenon.

(2) Monitor the filtrate, found turbidity, open flow can close the valve, continue to filter, such as dark flow should stop to replace the damaged press cloth, when the material liquid filter or filter residue in the box has been full can not continue to filter, that is, the end of a filter.

End of the filter

(1) Feed pump stop work, close the feed valve.

(2) When the slag by motor reverse button, make the roof back.

(3) Remove the filter residue and rinse the press cloth, filter plate and filter frame clean, stack neatly, to prevent the deformation of the plate frame, rinse the site and scrub the rack, cut off the external power supply, the whole filtration work is finished.

As long as in accordance with the above filter press operating procedures, not only can reduce the number of machine failures and can also extend the service life.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.