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Why not make an order for sand washing machine with fine sand recovery device?


Fine sand remove machine, with many advantages which traditional equipment does not have, also can be an excellent way to make up for the lack of traditional sand washing machine, sand and gravel enterprises often earn huge economic wealth from fine sand remove machine.

Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
First, the traditional sand washing machine often have its own inherent flaws in the cleaning process, resulting in the loss of a large number of fine sand, so that a large number of wealth also will be lost with the water flowing.

LZZG produce the new type sand washing machine, with the functions of washing sand and reclaiming and can collect and reclaim a large amount of fine sand discharged from the washing machine, greatly increasing the output of the gravel plant and avoiding the loss of wealth. Bring economic benefits.

Second, reduce the deposition of sedimentation pool, saving processing costs.

The traditional artificial sand production line, after the sand washing machine usually connect a sedimentation tank absorbing the discharge waste water for precipitation. The loss of a large number of fine sand, it is likely to cause deposition of sedimentation tanks, not only need more space for the settlement pool, but also need to spend huge economic costs to deal with siltation of materials.

If you make an order for LZZG sand washer companied with sand remove device, or just purchase an individual sand recycle machine for mining usage, both methods can be a good way to reduce the cost of sedimentation tank dredging, while bringing better environmental benefits.


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