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Why does dewatering screen appear mix material phenomenon


Dewatering screen is favored by everyone due to its convenient operation and large output. The main function of dewatering screen is dehydration, desliming and descaling, which can be used for washing sand in sand and stone plant, recovering coal slime in coal preparation plant, dry discharge of tailings in mineral processing plant, etc. Then, in the process of using dehydration screen, mixed materials appear. What is the cause?
Reasons for mixing.

dewatering screen.
1, Damage of the sieve: the sieve is a vulnerable part, so it is inevitable to encounter damage of the sieve in the process of use, so there will be mixing phenomenon.

2, The mesh frame of the sieve is loose: the linear vibrating screen mesh frame is fixed by rivets, use for a period of time will appear loose, loose will also appear mixed phenomenon.

3, Screen frame fracture: poor quality of the product, after a period of time will appear after the phenomenon of screen frame fracture.The fracture of the screen frame will also lead to the screening of the material mixing phenomenon.
What if there is a mix?

dewatering screen
1, Before starting the machine, check whether the sieve is intact and replace the damaged screen in time to avoid invalid screening.

2, The fixation of net frame should also be checked, to develop regular maintenance of equipment, inspection, nip in the bud.

3, The most effective way to solve the fracture of the screen frame is to choose high-quality vibration screen suppliers manufacturers, screen frame shelf life is generally more than 5 years.Therefore, customers in the purchase of products, must choose the right manufacturers, no worries.

The above is a simple analysis of the reasons for mixing in the dewatering screen. We hope it will be helpful to you.

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