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Factors that affect the sand recycling effect


The recovery rate and effect of washing sand directly affect the rate of return and return time, so what are the factors that affect the recovery rate of fine sand recycling machine?

Sand-water mixture density

If it is the first use of fine sand recycling machine, it may not be clear how it works.The fine sand recycling machine can recover the fine sand in the sand water mixture, if the sand water mixture density is too large or too small, it can not achieve the recovery effect of the fine sand
recycling machine.

sand recycling

Equipment elements

The equipment factor has certain influence on the fine sand recovery.For example, the dehydration type fine sand recycling machine (sixth generation fine sand recycling machine) is higher than the fifth generation fine sand recycling machine, and the seventh generation fine sand recycling machine automation degree is higher than the sixth generation fine sand recycling machine.

Operation specifications

Operational factors will undoubtedly affect the fine sand recovery.For example, in closed grinding, return to the sand ratio is too large, and higher than the fine sand recycling machine normal processing capacity, there will be a “run coarse” phenomenon;And return to sand than too small, or no return to sand, it is easy to form a destruction scene.

If the load is too large, the “run thick” phenomenon is serious;And the lack of load, over – severe damage.Therefore, the requirement of uniform, stable ore feeding, ore feeding when large or small will affect the improvement of fine sand recovery.

Nature of the ore

The composition and physical properties of ore have great influence on the recovery rate of fine sand.For example, when the ore is coarser in size and the structure is lax, brittle and soft, it is easier to grind.However, it is difficult to recover when the microstructure, microstructure and hardness of minerals become finer.

sand recycling

Coarse grain size is simpler in coarse grinding, qualified grain size appears quickly, while fine grinding is difficult.With the decrease of particle size, the vulnerable surface of the material also decreases, that is, the material becomes harder and harder, and the emergence speed of qualified particle size becomes slower.

No matter what type of sand washing machine, the disadvantage is serious fine sand loss, some even higher than 20%.Fine sand recycling machine can solve the problem of fine sand loss in the sand making industry, so it is often used for fine sand extraction, sand washing machine after the sediment collection and separation, in order to improve the quality of fine sand recycling machine recovery sand products.

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