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What sand can be washed by sand washing machine


Sand and gravel are the main constituent materials of concrete and mortar, it is generally divided into natural sand and artificial sand. Sand washing machine is widely used in construction sand, LZZG considered qualified building sand must undergo a rigorous washing.

LZZG sand washing machine applies for advanced technology, it is the efficient sand washing equipment that combined with domestic actual gravel industry situation. It has some advantages of high cleanness, reasonable structure, large output, less sand loss, especially its transmission parts are separated to water and sand. So the failure rate is much lower than commonly level, it is the best choice of domestic sand washing industry upgrading.

The sand can be divided into two types of natural sand and artificial sand according to source.

1. Formed by natural conditions, mainly weathering of rocks. Its particle size is below
5mm , known as natural sand.

2. Artificial sand, that is sand made by machine. It refers to mechanical crushing, screening made of particle size less than 4.75mm rock particles, but does not include soft rock, weathered rock particles of sand the specifications according to fineness modulus (natural sand particle size and degree of thickness index category) into coarse, medium, fine three.

The particle size distribution of sand washing machine refers to proportion of sand particle size. The interstice of sand depends on the degree of abrasive particle size, with a good sand, cement can not only save, but also improve the compactness and strength of concrete and mortar.


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