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What is the principle of sludge treatment and disposal?


What are the principles of sludge treatment and disposal?

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In the sludge treatment and disposal is the main “four modernizations” principle: reduction, stabilization, harmless and resources.
1. Reduction of due to the sludge moisture content is very high, large volume, and a liquidity after reduction, the sludge volume reduced to 1 / 10 of the original, and through the sludge dewatering equipment from liquid into solid, easy to transport and disposal.
2.High content of organic pollutants. Stabilization of sludge, easily the stench of corruption, the stability to digestion, easy corruption of some organic pollutants by decomposition and transformation, is not easy to corrupt the stench is also greatly reduced, convenient follow-up treatment and disposal.
3 harmless sludge, in particular, the initial sludge contains a large number of pathogenic bacteria, parasite eggs and viruses, easy to cause the spread of infectious diseases. After the harmless treatment, such as digestion, kill the sludge in the majority of Ascaris eggs, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and can greatly improve the health index of sludge.
4. The resources of sludge contains large amounts of organic material, in the incinerator heat gain for production; sludge contains abundant nitrogen, descry, potassium and organic matter. It can be used for processing organic fertilizer; anaerobic digestion can be converted organics into biogas, for boiler of biogas, biogas engine used as fuel, saving operation cost
5.Longzhong sludge cleaning equipment, for you to solve the problem of sludge work.

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