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What is the main use of fine sand recycling system


The main role of fine sand recycling system is to sand cleaning, dewatering, classification, can be very good in the process of sand washing the loss of a lot of fine sand, improve economic benefits, at the same time, reduce the cost of tail material processing and loss of fine sand caused by environmental pollution. While it has a wide range of uses, and here are the five main ones:

1, Coal preparation plant coal slime recovery.

In the coal preparation plant, during the washing and dressing process of cleaned coal, there will be a lot of coal slime with extra large water content. If it is discharged randomly, it will not only constitute severe environmental pollution, but also waste a large part of capital.The fine sand recovery equipment can recover fine particles of coal dust in the slime, add the output value of refined coal, avoid the waste of capital together, and greatly improve the economic benefits of the company.

sand recycling system


2, Mineral processing plant tailings recovery.

In the concentrate washing and dressing work, a lot of waste water containing tailings is discharged, which is harmful to the social environment.Fine sand recovery equipment can recover useful components in tailings, add concentrate output value for users, and improve the company’s efficiency.

3, Recover ceramic raw materials.

Fine sand recovery equipment can recover fine particles in ceramic raw materials, which is more obvious than vacuum filter.Especially in the dewatering of ceramic raw materials, many users will use sand recovery equipment instead of filter to complete the dewatering of materials, and then avoid the waste of capital.The use of this fine sand recovery equipment in the dewatering of ceramic raw materials not only has low cost and convenient operation, but also has long service life and low energy consumption.

4, Environmental mud recovery.

The sand recovery equipment can recover the mud with exceptionally high water content and high pollution degree.In the environmental mud work, the fine sand recovery equipment dewatering, desliming and deintercalating the mud, reducing the water content in the mud, and promoting the dry storage of the recovered mud.This method is efficient and effective.

sand recycling system


5, Sand washing and recycling of the sand plant.

Of course, the sand recycling machine is still the main function of natural sand, perhaps artificial sand in the sand or sand useful recovery use.In the production line of sand making and washing, the use of fine sand recycling equipment can not only avoid the loss of fine sand capital, but also change the fine sand gradation reasonably, and then achieve the effect of improving the output value and protecting the environment.

Through the above on the role of fine sand recycling machine and the main use of a brief introduction, we may have a more comprehensive understanding of it, if you want to know more about it, please contact us. Tel:86-379-65160016


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