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What is the fine sand recovery machine output value decreased


Sand reclamation machine is to recover the existence of mechanical equipment for the production line of sand and gravel, its main role is the production of fine particles, increase production and profits, also a good helper for increasing the company’s production targets. Fine sand recovery machine in the use of a period of time, tend to show a reduction in the status of recovery, do you know what is the main reason of the phenomenon?

1. The screen is damaged, the sand machine in the long-term recovery of tailings operation, the screen is directly touch parts with various equipment, the wear rate is very high. The wear of the screen will directly constitute the fine sand recovery machine equipment output value of the reduction, then the timely replacement or repair screen;
2. The share of sand and water. Sand recycling machine is working to recover after blending of injected water and sand material composed of mortar water, when the mortar water is too dense, the effect of slurry pump is reduced, and then reduce the recovery effect of sand. So, reasonable mortar water share also affect one of the reasons to recover the value of sand machine;
3. Equipment function is reduced. The function of Mechanical equipment will be reduced following the use of the passage of time, the aging appearance, this is an inevitable rule. The only way to make up is through the maintenance to extend the life span of fine sand recovery machinery, also should pay attention to avoid the sand recovery machine overload production, long-term overload operation of fine sand recovery machine last effect to the whole sand making line.



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