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What factors that affect the degree of the dehydration of dewatering screen


In general, the factors that can influence the dehydration of the dehydrated sieve are related to the problems of the sieve plate and the sieve hole, or there are some common problems with the installation of parts, but it has special situation, such as the features and particle size and quantity of material and so on, all of them will affect the degree of dehydration of the linear dewatering screen.

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The degree of dehydration of materials fed into the dewatering screen will be affected by the following factors:

1.Features of material

The porosity, the water absorption characteristics, and the degree of contamination by clay, etc., of the material fed to the dewatering screen will all significantly affect the intrinsic moisture of the material. These factors and the particle size composition of material and the shape of grain will depend on the ratio of capillary and the external water. Therefore, all of them will have an affect on the degree of the dehydration of material.

2.Grain compositin

In the process of find coal dewatering, in a typical feed of -0.5 mm particle size, a coarse fraction of 10.25 mm should account for the major percentage. Then it decreases proportionally to 0.075mm finer granular.

3.The solid content of feed

The basic purpose of dewatering screen is to keep solid largely and attain a smaller water content. Therefore, hoping to keep the solid content of feed as high as possible, so that form solid grain filter and reduce the solid content discharge through screen as much as possible.


Using this screen in the coal industry, in order to keep a stable performance, the percentage of the solid weight in feed should keep in 40~50%.

When the solid content in the feed is 30%, the performance of the sieve will be reduced to the allowable lower limit.But the solid content is low to 30%, due to too much water promote the grading of particle size, thus resulting in the increase of the loss of solid particles in the sieve water. Therefore, the operation effect of linear dewatering screen is dependent on rapid formation of the filter layer. Too much water, or unknow about the performance of materials and directly into the dewatering equipment, it is difficult to achieve.

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