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What factors affect the life of the dewatering screen


Dewatering screen is widely used in many industries now, there are many factors affecting the treatment effect and use time of dehydration screen, incorrect use method, wrong maintenance method and unreasonable working time will have an impact on the equipment.So the following is a brief description of what factors affect the life of the dewatering screen.

1 Bearing.

Bearing is an important part of the dewatering screen parts, in the process of dehydration will inevitably wet bearing, the time will make the bearing rust or corrosion, so the usual maintenance of bearing is very important, bearing can be cleaned, after cleaning also for bearing coated with a layer of anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease

2 Quality of parts and components

In order to prolong the service life of the dehydration screen, it is necessary to increase the quality of each component.This is to be in the purchase of the original to judge, because the quality of the components between the standard is very important for the dehydration screen.

dewatering screen

3 Vibration motor

Dewatering screen in the work, due to the large amplitude, some water will splash on the vibration motor damage motor.So the selection of vibration motor is also very important, the poor selection of vibration motor directly affects the effect of dehydration and the service life of dehydration screen.

In fact, The service life of the dewatering screen is basically determined when it leaves the factory, with good raw materials, good technology manufacturers are crucial.Of course, the wrong way of operation and improper maintenance for the use of the dehydration screen is also a very important reference factor.

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