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What factor affects the discretion of dewatering screen output


Dewatering screen has the characteristics of high cleanliness, reasonable structure, large processing capacity, small power consumption, less sand loss in the process of dehydration, etc. One of the basis for customers to choose the dewatering screen model is the output, that is, the use effect.So dewatering screen yield and what factors are relevant?

 dewatering screen
1. The soil content of raw sand will be the decisive factor affecting the output of dehydration screen.
For example, the amount of dirt, stones, shells and other impurities in the sand.Particle size and so on will affect the output of dehydration screen.Good sand is very important, so this on the sand machine requirements also improved a lot, good quality sand machine is the prerequisite for finished sand.
2, The quality of equipment and the effect of the use of dewatering screen.
No matter what kind of equipment is used the effect is closely related to the quality of the equipment itself.Most people know that the same product, due to the difference in the quality of the dehydration screen, to bring us the medium is a great relationship.
3. The operators of the dewatering screen will also affect the output of the dehydration screen.

dewatering screen
Before use, we have to do a good job of training equipment operators, make them understand the working principle of the sieve dehydration, performance characteristics and various considerations such as: work, motor through the triangle, reducer, gear reducer drive slowly rotating impeller after use of dewatering screen idling for an hour or two before, for the test without objection can work.
In general, the quality of the dewatering screen itself, the amount of soil in the original sand, and the operation of operators will have a certain impact on the output of the dewatering screen.

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