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What are the operating systems of the paste thickeners


Paste thickeners principle is the use of mud pump body mud separator sludge pump in the tank, and then join in the tank within a certain percentage of the flocculant, make its mix, after a certain amount of precipitation, suspended solids under the action of gravity settling into the bucket bottom cone sludge, and clarify the water from the pool end around the vent and overflow weir preliminary separation of sludge is achieved.The equipment is mainly composed of feed system, dosing system, mixing sedimentation system, discharge system, etc.


Feed system: sludge from the sewage tank through the role of the mud pump, is transported to the mud separator, in this process through the variable frequency mud pump control sludge volume, uniform feed to the central cylinder.

Dosing system: after the flocculant is dissolved in water by dosing system, the flocculant is added to the sludge in the central cylinder to promote the flocculation and agglomeration of the sludge.

Mixing precipitation system: add plenty of drugs in the sludge, mixing system began to stir of sludge, the mix, and after slowly, flocculation and a series of the role of, parts of the mud and water from the top of the overflow mouth out, and thickening of sludge in the sludge bucket will sink to the bottom cone.

Discharge system: after the thickened mud is sunk into the bottom conical sludge bucket, the bottom flow is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the tank, and then through other equipment such as filter press for dry discharge and curing treatment.


Using our paste thickeners for slurry pretreatment can greatly save the operating cost of the slurry treatment system and improve the efficiency.The equipment has the advantages of large capacity, good treatment effect and low cost, and can realize the separation of water, sand and mud of various industrial sludge and muddy water. It is widely used in sand making plant, gravel plant, precious metal processing plant, mineral processing, ceramics, glass and other industries.


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