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What are the innovation of LONGZHONG fine sand recycling machine?


Sand recycling machine main effect on sediment separation, fine collected to extract, effectively solve the problem of fine sand, fine material recycle. The machine can be installed in the end of the mineral processing production line, often at the back of the sand washing machine, ball mill, magnetic separator. It can reduce sand erosion and the pollution of the environment, so that the customers can make full use of the fine sand and improve the return on investment and the economic value of the material.

Compared to other manufacturers, LONGZHONG heavy industry will do a close to perfect customer service. In addition to high quality polyurethane sieve plate and cyclone liner to ensure the quality, LONGZHOGN also learn the structure of the industry of advanced foreign technology and precision deployment, promised to make the suitable solution for the customer. Fuselage bearing all from LUOYANG bearing factory, one of China’s three largest production base for shaft, motor in XINXIANG’s largest manufacturers of cooperation, slurry pump long-term contract HEBEI famous enterprises.

In the cleaning tank parts of the fuselage, returned to the cistern below location, we designed the water valve, when the cleaning tank water level is low, the water is in short supply, open the water valve can make return water tank of waste water flows into the cleaning tank, so as to achieve the purpose of the water cycle, achieve environmental protection and utilize resources. Suspension ball tank designed in water cleaning bank to help users determine water level. Normally, we can’t see the floating ball, when the water level on the high side, floating ball will appear in our view, to give warning: water flow should be a little bit small. In order to achieve a lower water content of fine materials in a simple way, LZZG creative thought up adjust the way of sieve box height, and successfully solved the part of customers demand of small production, as well as low water content.




Each component change cost a great deal of effort, designers and after hundreds of times of commissioning, to achieve customer satisfaction. LZZG has always been in the pursuit of customer satisfaction on the road all the way forward, continuous innovation.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.