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What are the filter cloth specifications and models in filter press


Filter cloth in the filter press because of the different application industry, its material is not the same.The commonly used materials are synthetic fibers, including polyester, polypropylene, polypropylene, and polyamide. These materials have satisfactory interception effect and filtration speed.

1. Vinylon filter cloth
Polyvinyl alcohol is the chemical name of polyvinyl chloride (pva) filter cloth. It has lower strength than polyester, poor elasticity, poor shape retention, good abrasion resistance, and durability 1-2 times that of pure cotton.
But has a larger advantage is that it can withstand the effect of alkali, and hygroscopicity good, easy and rubber together, is with good materials in rubber industry, its defect is low temperature resistant, shrinkage temperature to 100 ℃, no acid resistance.It is used in the alkaline factory and rubber industry.

filter press.

2. Polyester filter cloth
Polyester staple fiber filter cloth material properties: acid and weak alkali resistance.Wear-resistant polyester filter cloth, corrosion resistance, excellent recovery, poor electrical conductivity.Polyester fibers are generally of heat-resistant in 130-150 ℃, the product has ordinary felt kind of filter bout some advantages, and wear resistance is very good, has the very high cost performance and become felt kind of filter material usage in the larger varieties.

Filtration performance: polyester short fiber filter cloth has short structure, dense fabric, good particle retention, but poor stripping and air permeability.Strength and wear resistance, water leakage than polyester long fiber filter cloth.Uses are pharmaceutical, sugar, food, chemical, metallurgy, industrial filter press, centrifuge and so on.

3. Nylon filter cloth
Nylon fiber strength is high, nylon fiber strength in the fiber is strong, according to the measurement, nylon fiber abrasion resistance is 10 times of cotton fiber, 50 times of viscose.Abrasion resistance is the first of many kinds of fibers, so it is an ideal material for making automobile tires together with rubber.

Nylon fiber is resistant to strong alkali and weak acid.But nylon light, easy to change color brittle, so nylon fabric is not suitable for long-term exposure to the sun.Nylon 66 can not be used in pharmaceutical, food manufacturers, because it is harmful to human health.Uses: rubber, ceramics, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, etc.

4. Polypropylene filter cloth
Polypropylene filter cloth material properties: acid, alkali, abrasion resistance, good electrical conductivity, slightly better than polyester, corrosion resistance is not good.

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Polypropylene short fiber, short fiber, spun yarn ribbon wool;Polypropylene long fiber, long fiber, forming a smooth yarn, so polypropylene short fiber weaving caused by industrial cloth, cloth with wool, powder filtration and pressure filtration effect are better than long fiber.And polypropylene long fiber weaving caused by industrial cloth, cloth smooth, good permeability.Polypropylene filter cloth uses in chemical, ceramic, pharmaceutical, smelting, manufacturing, mineral processing as filter base.

There are many factors to be considered in the selection of filter cloth for filter press, such as whether the objects to be filtered by filter press are acid or alkaline substances, the accuracy of filtration and the speed of filtration, etc..Here is a simple introduction to some basic knowledge, more about the filter press and filter press accessories can be consulted at any time!

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