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Welding and connection technology from LZZG fine sand recovery machine


In the machinery industry have entered the case of winter, LONGZHONG brand sand recycling machine relying on our own environmental protection, efficient features and unique design, production process, blaze a road in the winter. Why customers just like to choose the fine sand recovery machine from LZZG manufacture? Details make a difference. LZZG pursuit hard work of the higher welding quality and key details.

Welding and connection

Any small stress concentration on the screen frame of the fine sand recovery machine may cause premature failure of the screen frame. Welding is the most prone to stress the construction method, therefore, the screen frame components are usually used between bolts instead of welding, but each component is still welded parts, therefore, must pay attention to welding quality.

  1. According to the drawings of the height and install angle. Weld should be uniform, no leakage welding, slag, not penetration phenomenon.
  2. Choose a reasonable electrode.
  3. Welding parts should not be welded, try not to screen frame on any part of the welding does not require spot welding.
  4. Make sure that the connecting surface is flat and free of burrs before connecting.
  5. Use high-strength bolts to connect the site, to ensure the tightening torque bolts.


If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.