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The working principle of slude dewatering machine


External pump (Hydraulic screw) draws the mud in waste slurry pool to double sieve coarse layer, screening by double sieve coarse layer,  particulates size bigger than 2mm are discharged, less than 2mm particulates flow into slurry storage tank, at the same time slurry is draw from slurry storage tank  into cyclone  via host slurry pump. Cyclone  separated waste is discharged through the bottom orifice, into double sieve fine layer.Through its vibration sieve dewatering of sludge and ultimately excluded. Through sieve vibration dewatering of sludge and ultimately excluded.The storage tank  is designed with two liquid outlet. Oral rehydration is a top position in the slurry storage tank, a discharge port is in position slurry storage tank  and the position of the slurry pond storage tank  is connected outside. Inner loop protection device is installed in the tank refilling opening at storage tank, it can build the pool by balancing the slurry liquid level  implementation storage tank  pairs slurry tank  fluid volume control. When the slurry storage tank  does not require the water storage tank, the storage tank  were Inner loop protection device  is closed at this time, the tank discharge port will be in continuous discharge slurry state. recoil control via a three-way valve is connected to the host slurry pump, three-way through the pipeline, connecting the cyclone respectively, and a host of slurry pump slurry storage tank, Its main role is to use the surplus flow pump,Recoil control valve  to achieve the slurry tank by mud stirred for  recoil control valve to prevent mud precipitation in the device.

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