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The method of maximizing the value of circular vibrating screen.


Circular vibrating screen equipment is increasingly familiar to more and more people. Round vibrating screen is a kind of auxiliary sand making equipment. The economic benefit brought by round vibrating screen equipment makes more and more sand stone production line investors satisfied. How can a circular shaker make it the most valuable?

In order to make the circular vibrating screen work properly, it is necessary to set up the equipment “maintenance safety operation code” to ensure the long-term safe operation of the round vibrating screen.

the value of circular vibrating screen.

After a period of time, the circular vibrating screen should be overhauled. In addition to the circular vibrating screen sieve plate and other vulnerable parts to repair and replace.

When the vibrator is used to replace the grinding roller for about 500 hours, clean the rolling bearing.

During the application of circular vibrating screen, there should be a fixed personnel as the guard, and the operator must have certain technical level.

Longzhong circular shaker is suitable for pebbles, granite, limestone and coal gangue and basalt. Longzhong manufacturers can also customize special models for you according to the needs of customers.

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