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The use of fine sand recycling machine must be aware of the details of the problem


With the growing popularity of artificial mechanism sand, people are more and more in demand for sand recycling. The artificial system sand link with fine sand recovery equipment can be prepared is better than the river sand used in construction sand, the artificial sand size distribution more reasonable, fineness modulus and strength, is also in line with the advanced standards of construction sand. But if you do not know how to correctly use the sand recycling equipment, then sand recycling equipment performance cannot play to the best state, this will not only caused a great waste of resources, but also may make the sand recycling equipment in advance “retired”.

1. Sand recycling equipment startup is comparison of power consumption of, so pay attention to two points: boot device not filling material, it is best to make the equipment idle laps then injected material, the second is in transformer configuration to consider the configuration of the voltage is higher than the rated voltage.
2. We should pay attention to any clean out sealing cover above the material blocking if the cyclone top sealing cover have some material blockage, will cause the equipment idle greater resistance.
3 in time to clean the bearing, to ensure that the bearing will not be because of the dust into the two pollution. Because the sand dust recycling cleaning tank inside the equipment is very large, there will be a long time to enter some bearing.
4. The vibration sieve plate for a long time by the friction material will continue to wear, until some degree of wear will be replaced in a timely manner, or fine sand recovery efficiency will be decreased, may also lead to rotary serious bias caused by fine sand recovery abnormal vibration.
5 for sand recycling equipment feeding to uniform feeding, remember must not be excessive. Feed excess will cause excessive current, the motor load increased, the worst case may also burn motor.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.