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The reason why the filter plate is broken suddenly


Filter cloth is carried on the filter plate of the filter press, which plays an important role in the work of the filter press.But the filter plate is also very important, so we usually have to strengthen the maintenance, as far as possible to reduce or avoid the failure of the filter press.

The filter plate of the filter press is the most prone to fracture fault, we should have targeted to do a good job in prevention and maintenance measures, the following we will introduce the reason for the fracture of the filter plate of the filter press.

1. The filter press is damaged, resulting in uneven stress of the filter plate, and the pressure of the filter press will crush the filter plate.

2. the filter is caused by the filter.The filter contains hard, solid particles of a certain volume, which will also cause the filter plate of the filter press to be easily damaged.

3. Feed hole is blocked.Several filter plates near the inlet are damaged, which can be preliminarily judged to be caused by the clogging of the inlet. If the slurry concentration is too high, or the cleaning is not sufficient, it will cause the clogging of the inlet hole and dilute the filtrate.

4. High feed pressure.In the event of backpressure, or the pressure gauge shows excess pressure.The solution is to adjust the pressure controller system at the feeding end.

5. High material concentration and poor liquidity properly reduce material concentration and improve material liquidity.

filter press.
6. Feed temperature is too high.First, understand the temperature of the material. When the temperature of the filter material exceeds the operating temperature of the filter plate, explain the reason to the customer, and replace the appropriate filter plate or take measures to cool the slurry temperature before filtration.

7. The filter cloth is damaged and the outlet hole is blocked.There are several individual nozzle filtrate turbidity, you can judge the damage of the filter cloth, the nozzle does not flow, you can judge the liquid hole plug.The filter cloth shall be replaced and the liquid hole shall be cleaned to ensure the filtrate outflow is normal and clean.

The above is the common cause of filter plate burst, please email us for more information.

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