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The reason why low output of screw sand washing machine


Screw sand washing machine as a common sand washing equipment, in the construction, ore mining, glass, sand factory and many other industries have a wide range of applications!In the process of use, if the sand washing machine output is low, it will greatly affect the production efficiency of the whole line, resulting in losses.So, what is the reason for the low output of screw sand washer?Is there any solution?

screwsand washer

The sand and stone material contains more mud and impurities.If there are many impurities and dirt in the selected sand and stone materials, it will take more time to wash and clean them, so it is normal that the output of the equipment cannot keep up with it.

In this case, we can consider adding an additional sand washing equipment or double washing, which can effectively improve the cleanliness of sand and stone materials without dragging down the washing and sorting efficiency of the sand washing machine.

The quality of the screw sand washing machine itself is not up to standard.Different manufacturers, the production of spiral sand washing machine equipment due to different production process, different materials, different structures and other reasons, in the process of work, the output is different.

Some manufacturers of screw sand washing machine quality is particularly poor, there will be sand and foreign body separation is not even, resulting in a reduction in the amount of sand finished products.

The operation of screw sand washer equipment operator is not in place.Screw sand washing machine in use, the operation of the equipment is particularly important, most of the production reduction or not to go up to 50% because of equipment operation problems, the operation is not in place will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, serious and even cause a significant decline in productivity.

The above LZZG summarizes the reasons and solutions for the low output of screw sand washer for you. we hope it will be helpful to you.In addition, the equipment maintenance is not in place, will also make the equipment in use for a period of time, the production becomes low, so in addition to the correct use of equipment, regular maintenance is also very important!

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