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The reason of high moisture content after dewatering of filter press


Many customers do not understand why the moisture content of mud cake is still high after sludge dewatering. We think the main reasons are as follows.

1, The sludge is complex, high organic content, sludge particles hydrophilic too strong.

2, Sludge conditioning is not very successful, not according to the quality of sludge mud conditioning, damage sludge hydrophilicity.

3,The pressure of sludge dewatering equipment is too low and the degree of sludge extrusion is not enough, which is also the main reason.Such as ordinary plate and frame filter press, belt filter press, box filter press after processing the sludge moisture content is high, which has the function of secondary crushing diaphragm filter press sludge moisture content lower.

After processing LZZG filter press with higher than average sludge filter press 4 to 6 times of squeezing force, the lowest water content of sludge dehydration after, dewatering more thoroughly.

filter press.
Sludge dewatering is a key step to achieve complete sludge treatment. Whether it is a sewage treatment plant or an industrial enterprise, the degree of sludge dewatering should be taken into consideration when choosing sludge treatment equipment, and the deep sludge dewatering treatment equipment like LZZG is preferred.

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