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The importance of Dewatering screen mesh in the mineral processing equipment



Mineral processing equipment is the most important one in the three kinds of prospecting ,beneficiation and mineral processing. Mineral processing equipment grading and screening is directly related to the mineral quality and mineral factory production, in this must carry equipment processing one of the most important components of dehydration screen. The screen occupies a very high proportion of the processing equipment, the quality and performance of the screen directly affects the quality and yield of ore.
Longzhong tailings dry rows of dehydration screen after investigation, at present, polyurethane screen has been widely used, let LZ share the characteristics of polyurethane screen mesh with you:
1, long service life, bearing capacity. With high strength and high wear resistance, high tensile strength;
2, high screening efficiency. Especially for the vibration dewatering screen, the effect is more obvious, the screen surface of the self cleaning performance, no plugging holes, high screening efficiency;
3, the scope of application is wide, the professional applicability is stronger;
4, high precision, light weight, convenient maintenance and replacement;
5, low noise, in line with the country’s environmental noise standards;
6, significant economic benefits.

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