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The details determine the quality of sand washing machine


Sand washing machine details determine the quality, we use the facts speak, do not take the data and the appearance of flicker. When it comes to the quality of the sand washing machine, the thickness of the steel and the welding process are the first thought. The welding process is not in place, we can re welding, but if the thickness of steel is not up to the powerless. In fact, only to see the parameters of sand washing equipment is not reliable, 2CM and 2.5CM thickness of the plate in the absence of reference is not visible to the naked eye.
Longzhong has encouraged customers to plant inspection, the reason is very simple: True gold does not fear fire. We are not afraid of goods than goods but who do not know the goods. In 10 years has been adhering to the business philosophy is quality first, no matter what difficulties will never take quality for sales. This is why Longzhong sand washing machine received in Russia, Iraq and other merchants favored.

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Sand washing machine is the most easy to wear the location of course is a sand wheel, washing the quality of the steel plate directly determine the service life of sand washing machine. The steel plate is too thin to be easily broken, causing the whole machine to break down. Steel plate is too thick will increase the weight of water, increase the carrying line, prone to mechanical failure. Long after the product 10 years of practice, sand washing machine and the thickness of the steel plate size to achieve the perfect proportion. According to different size of the hydraulic turbine configuration of different steel plate thickness, that is, to ensure the service life, but also take into account the mechanical load, reduce the failure.

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