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The correct method to use fine sand recycling equipment


1, When the fine sand recycling equipment installed, the first step is not to rush to feed production, the first thing you should remember to debug and test the fine sand recycling equipment. In the test machine, you can put a small amount of materials, observe the various parts of the operation, in the absence of unusual circumstances, can be put into use.

2, Before fine sand recovery equipment starting, prohibit the input material, avoid equipment load operation. After a few laps of fine sand recovery equipment, it is guaranteed that there is no abnormal situation before the material can be put into production.

3, Fine sand recycling equipment in the process of running, the staff should be uniform speed come in to prevent over-feeding, so as not to cause damage to the motor load is too large. At the same time, you can not feed too little material or operate the machine too slow to prevent the emergence of material recycling equipment, affecting fine sand recovery of production, resulting in waste of resources.

4, Pay attention to fine sand recycling equipment screening of materials shall not exceed the maximum size of the equipment for the material, so as to avoid blocking material caused by the phenomenon of recycling operations, which can easily lead to damage to recycling equipment.

5, About fine sand recycling equipment shaker, after long hours of operation, it will inevitably damage the phenomenon. If the vibrating screen is damaged, it will lead to vibration bias, fine sand recovery anomalies. Therefore, in order to avoid this happening, once use fine sand recycling equipment, we must do routine maintenance work, it is necessary to immediately replace the new when recovered the vibration screen is damaged.


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