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The concrete method of tailings dewatering


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With the industry continuous development of all kinds of mineral resources development is also very much of and main ore time into concentrator after crushing, grinding and mineral processing, tailings only in slurry state excluded below to everybody introduced dry tailings rows of specific methods:
The amount of tailings of ore dressing plant is often very large, especially large amount of tailings beneficiation plant processing of non-ferrous metals and low-grade ore is bigger. Such a large amount of tailings is not properly handled, it is bound to cause real harm and environmental pollution. In particular, the tailings from the flotation plant, harmful agents are more harmful to the pollution of the greater harm, in order to eliminate public hazards, it is necessary to properly handle.
In addition, the tailings is a relative concept, tailings often contain some useful components, containing high content of value, the beneficiation technology also cannot recover tailings or temporarily not to dispose of the tailings shall properly stacked and stored properly, strengthen management, to prevent the loss, resulting in irreparable loss. With the development of the technical level, to a certain period, these tailings may become valuable mineral resources.
Tailings storage methods is the tailings dam, using Valley in the valley mouth barrier dam closure, and then to storage of tailings can be. Of course, there is the ground around the tailings dam, which is mainly in the vicinity of the city from the mountains of the ore dressing plant commonly used method of accumulation. For dry separation plant discharge of dry tailings, if there is no need for recovery of useful minerals, place a building made of brick, cement manufacturing and other raw materials, can also be mine tailings backfilling waste. By dressing from tailings, mostly contain a lot of water, with pulp shaped discharge.
The tailings dry plants discharge is granular dry tailings. Methods: the transportation of dry tailings or skip car, belt conveyor, cableway, car or train etc.. The pulp shaped tailings, is the main discharge or use the pump, water isolation pump by slurry pipeline gravity, discharged to the tailings dam.
With the continuous economic development, now the various processing tailings has in our production plays a important role, now dry tailings discharge is a very important step, so late in the mineral processing will play better.

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