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The advantages of filter press equipment


Sludge filter press is suitable for dewatering sludge in wastewater treatment process of municipal sewage treatment plant, pharmacy, electroplating, papermaking, leather, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, chemical industry, slaughtering, food, wine making and environmental protection engineering.It can also be used in solid – liquid separation or liquid leaching process in industrial production.It is widely used in environmental protection projects at home and abroad.


Equipment advantages:
1. Direct concentration and dehydration of sludge can save the static pre-concentration tank of sludge and the corresponding mixing and scraping equipment, and save the floor area.

2, Only a set of flocculant feeding system, a control panel, a feed pump, reduce costs, easy to operate.

3. Good phosphorus removal effect.As the sludge concentration time is reduced, the release of phosphorus during sludge concentration is avoided, so as to achieve a good effect of phosphorus removal.

4. After dewatering, the sludge has a high solid content rate, and the compressed oxygen sludge reaches 20%-25%(dry weight), the aerobic stability, and the sludge reaches 20%-25%(dry weight), the water supply plant sludge reaches 30%-40%(dry weight), and the papermaking sludge reaches 25%-29%.

filter press

5. Compact and firm rectangular steel frame, high-strength extrusion roller and pneumatic tensioning filter belt.

6. Water consumption. The clear filtrate produced by pre-dewatering can be recycled for filter belt cleaning and flocculant preparation

The above is a summary of the advantages of the filter press, we hope you will be in the understanding of the filter press on the help.

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