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Tailings treatment suggestions of LZZG



1, tailings
To carry out the tailings, recovery of valuable components from tailings, is an important measure to improve the utilization rate of resources. Relatively speaking, the tailings dry discharging technology not only improves the recovery rate of the industrial waste water, but also brings great economic benefits to the enterprise.
2, tailings production of building materials
The main group of tailings is a non metallic minerals rich in SiO2, Al2O3, CaCO3 and other resources, after dry tailings rows of dehydration after showing a solid waste can be through the existing mature technologies to produce one or several kinds of building materials.
3, tailings used in the production of fertilizer
Some tailings contain a variety of trace elements needed for plant growth, after appropriate treatment can be made for the improvement of soil trace element fertilizers.
4, fill mine goaf
The backfill of mined out area is one of the most effective ways to utilize tailings directly, and the ideal cemented filling mining method can completely avoid the surface collapse and avoid the destruction of groundwater balance.
5, tailings reclamation
The reclamation of tailing pond is an important measure to solve the surface desertification of tailing pond. Tailings pond reclamation not only to prevent sand, but also beautify the environment, reduce pollution, both economic and social benefits and environmental benefits.

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