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Tailings dry screen and dewatering screen is different


Tailings dry screen and dewatering screen are dehydration equipment, in general, people tend to confuse the two, but the two are very different.Let’s analyze the differences from four aspects.

dewatering screen

1,Different scope of use.

Tailings dry screen focuses on the treatment of tailings, such as metal, non-metal tailings dehydration, and the general dewatering screen is mainly used for sand, salt, sugar, coal and other industrial departments of dry and wet material dewatering classification

2,Different structure and composition.

Tailings dry screen is mainly composed of screen box, supporting device, electric frame, vibrator, universal drive shaft, belt coupling, motor and other components, while dewatering screen is mainly composed of vibrating motor, base spring, screen plate.

3,Different working principles

Tailings dry discharge screen is through a certain dry discharge process to achieve the separation of dry tailings and hydration, dry material can be transported to the tailings yard storage, water can be used back to the mill.However, dewatering screen is used to separate sand and water by the principle of vibrating screen, fine sand water reduction, improve the quality of sand.

dewatering screen

4,The two kinds of equipment with the use of mining equipment is different

Tailings dry drainage screen is mainly used for four types of tailings dry drainage process line, with the use of equipment is deep cone thickener, belt filter press, thickener and other equipment, linear vibration dewatering screen generally with the use of mechanical equipment is fine sand recycling machine, sand washing machine and other sand making equipment.

Different demands will lead to different choices. Only by selecting suitable dewatering equipment, can the investment be reduced and the production efficiency be improved.Above is our LZZG‘s simple distinction between these two kinds of dewatering equipment, hoping to be helpful to all customers.


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