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Structure and function of fine sand recycling machine


Many people do not know what the structure of fine sand recycling machine includes, then walk into the fine sand recycling machine to understand it together.

Cleaning tank: the sand recovery equipment cleaning tank is the largest of all the equipment, but also the main body of the sand recovery equipment system of the primary composition of some.The construction of the equipment, first of all to play the buffer storage of materials, and the mixing of sand and water, and then for the outstanding fine sand recovery foundation preparation.

Slurry pump: slurry pump is the first clean trough through the mixed mortar, with a higher speed of transport to the cyclone, and then complete the higher sand separation, fine sand recovery effect.

The biggest characteristic of slurry pump is different from general pump, slurry pump is a mixture of silt and water transport, the process to produce the friction to consider, not only to prevent together in the process of producing is composed of sand stone touch attack inside the pump impeller damage, thus slurry pump to have the crucial effect in the whole system.

Hydrocyclone: the hydrocyclone, also known as the hydraulic cyclone, is the core component of the fine sand recycling equipment for fine sand recovery.

The first is the use of slag slurry pump will be high-speed transport to the cyclone, and then form a high-speed vortex, fine sand and muddy water in the strong cyclone formed by the centrifugal force effect to achieve efficient separation effect.After separation, fine sand is finally discharged through the sedimentation effect through the bottom of the sand trap, while mud water and debris are discharged from the upper overflow.

Vibration screen: sand recovery equipment in the vibration screen, different from the crushing production line of the vibration screen, the first here is to play a further dehydration effect, which is also known as the dehydration vibration screen.

The material of the vibrating screen is mainly made of polyurethane material, which not only increases the wear resistance and impact resistance of the screen, but also makes the cost lower, and can prevent the plugging of the material very well, greatly improving the production power of fine sand recovery equipment.

sand recycling

Return bin: mixture of mud and water that overflows from the top of the cyclone, rich in mud powder and debris, may have some fine materials that have not been recovered.

Mud powder, sundries and waste water can be discharged through the return bin, while fine sand can be returned to the clean tank for repeated recovery, which can not only reach a higher recovery power, but also can start the sorting of materials, discharge the waste material to make the production efficiency greater.

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