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Spiral sand washing machine


As we all know the development of market economy and society all affected sand washing machine industry. It promotes sand washing machine upgrades and technical content improvements. LZZG as a brand enterprises, produced spiral sand washing machine through technological innovation to increase market competitiveness

Spiral sand washing machine has reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, high cleanliness and other features. The new sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath drive equipment can ensure the efficiency and cleanliness. Spiral Sand Washing Machine is a high-efficiency sand washing equipment which is developed by using advanced technology and contacting with the actual situation of domestic sand and gravel. The standard spiral sand washing machine is widely used in cleaning, grading and impurity removal of metallurgy, building materials, Applicable to the fine-grained and coarse-grained material of the washing work.

Spiral sand washing machine not only reduces the environmental damage caused by digging natural sand and gravel, but also reduces the damage to the environment of the tailing themselves, turning waste into treasure, saving capital and fully conforming to the basic national policy of sustainable development.


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