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Slime screen for the coal washing process


With the development of coal industry, coal washing rate increased year by year, coal slime, the occurring in the process of coal washing waste, a large number of backlog, has become a big public hazard. Do you have a headache for the waste of thousands of tons of coal slime and high cost of coal slime recovery system? LZZG is a professional manufacture for dehydration vibration sieve to solve all kinds of tailings waste in wet washing process, especially for coal slime.

Before the tailings dewatering screen put into use, a large amount of coal washing industries adopt a complex, high power consumption of the disc vacuum filter system. Or give high investment on frame type filter and centrifuge filter, as well as belt type extrusion machine. Overall investment is large accompanied with high maintenance costs.



Slime screen is more reasonable in the future production process of coal preparation plant, and the quality index of coal production to a new level, to promote role for safety production of coal preparation plant, coal preparation plant marks the product quality but also opened a new page for coal industry.

Before slime screen                                                       After dewater screen

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The product characteristics of slime screen:

  1. The overall level of installation screen, but the screen negative angle installation, to ensure that the forced dehydration effect.
  2. Screen can choose stainless steel composite mesh, tension mounted; or welding of stainless steel screen, pressing type installation, in order to meet different needs.
  3. Through the vibrating generator to adjust the vibration frequency to achieve the best effect of dehydration at any time.
  4. Screen frame with special noise reduction materials, and high – strength bolt connection, to ensure that the work of screening machine reliability and noise reduction.



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