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The design scheme of fine sand recovery in sandstone production line.


The sand and stone production line is very important for the users in the mining industry. It can bring great economic benefits to users and improve work efficiency and productivity. So what is the best way to save money and work best for the design of the sandstone production line?

In general, these devices are essential if you design a production line:

Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, screening equipment, belt conveyor equipment, sand washing equipment.

fine sand recovery

Among these devices: the screening equipment can be combined. Specific methods include:

On the top of the circular vibrating screen to add the sand washing system, the sand and gravel will be washed once, and the bottom sand can be washed again by the wheel sand washing machine to achieve the good sand cleaning effect.

The screen machines are equipped with a trommel screen to screen, and the wheel bucket washing machine is added at the back of the trommelr screen, so that it can also play a good cleaning effect.

No matter which method is used above, as long as the sand cleaning equipment is used, there will be a lot of fine sand loss in it, but it can be solved very well by the longzhong fine sand recovery device.

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