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Sand washing and recycling machine installation notes


The emergence of sand washing and recycling machine solves the problem of large water content of fine sand after sand washing by sand washing machine, and sand washing is highly efficient, energy saving and environmental protection.What should be paid attention to the newly purchased sand washing and recycling machine installation?

sand washing and recycling

1,Before the operation of the machine, the channel steel of the bottom frame should be fixed on the foundation, and the machine base needs to be fixed firmly, so that the height difference between the front and rear support seats on the same side is common, the supporting seat plates on both sides of the same end (feeding end or discharging end) are in the same horizontal plane, and the error is within 2mm, that is, the equipment is in the horizontal state.

2,The dewatering screen frame in the main parts of this machine is made of less deformed wood, which is used to keep the screen flat and tight to reach the normal screening.If the proportion of large or large output can be used in the use of metal screen frame screen in the machine, you need to pay attention to check the screen is not paved.

3,Some connections of the equipment are necessary to be strong and reliable. All bolts shall not be loosened, and all parts shall not have any abnormal movement.

sand washing and recycling machine

4,The machine in the delivery process, in order to add its rigid strength will add delivery support, before you boot must remove the delivery support, otherwise it will affect the vibration work, serious damage will also cause the machine.

Sand washing and recycling machine has the obvious characteristics of simple structure, smooth operation, clean sand washing, even granule and high yield.However, care must be taken during installation to strictly follow the instructions.

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