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Sand recycling machine has the advantages of low-cost and environment protection



The function of  sand recycling machine is that recycling artificial system sand production line of sewage recycling sand ,  in the realization of fine sand recovery at the same time, not only greatly reduce the workload of sedimentation tank; also reduces the fineness modulus of sand mechanism, to improve the quality of products of the mechanism of sediment.

With the recovery efficiency of sand recycling machine continues to improve, the current sand recycling machine is also unprecedented demand. As the sand recycling machine of advanced machinery and equipment, convenient and fast recovery of sand. Sand recycling machine greatly reduces the sedimentation tank for the cost of cleanup, and the recovery of fine quality is very high, and the mechanism of mixed sand can directly supply the market, greatly reducing the natural stacking time and the occupation of space.

The use of sand recycling equipment has  transfer from  the supply of raw materials of construction to the environmental protection engineering support.Ordinary sand production line will produce a lot of waste, not only will increase the workload of the sedimentation tank; at the same time to clean up the waste will cause pollution to the environment. The concept and technology of environment-friendly production changes, and promote the service object of the change, therefore sand recycling machine has very high requirements in technology.

Of course in the technology constantly updated, equipment continuous updating of the premise, any effective production equipment to after the test of the market to further promote, market and the popularity of new equipment is very high and thus promote the sand recycling machine of new technology application in this kind of situation constantly updated and development.
Sand recycling machine of Longzhong and industrial production of fine sand recovery rate can reach more than 80%, and sand recycling equipment R & D and production of the sand recovery rate can reach above 98%. Customer trust is our encouragement, the user’s support is our unremitting efforts. Longzhong solemn commitment, we must stand on solid ground, sand recycling equipment continue to explore and innovation, so that customers are satisfied with the sand recycling equipment.

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