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“Original” is better in purchasing spare parts of fine sand recycling machine


We know fine sand recycling machine is made up of many parts, its technical performance determined by the assembly (composed of multiple components) whether science cooperate and coordinate the work. Overall influence quality of parts of equipment operation, the quality of the parts, performance, service life The quality of the parts affect the overall operation of the equipment. Quality, performance and service life of machine is very important for the actual use. Accessories are small but must be high quality requirements, to get high quality parts to the original manufacturer to buy form a complete set of “original” (original accessories).

LONGZHONG heavy industry: perfect after-sale spare parts supply system

The company perennial supply of fine sand recycling machine spare parts, According to demand of customers, accessories are superior in quality, often sent to every major port with the whole machine.

Usually, the company will give matching pure original accessories at the time of the customer order for the delivery.

Luoyang LONGZOHNG commitment: to all users of the equipment within one year after the commissioning quality assurance (except wearing parts), but no more than 18 months (since equipment leave the factory). For outside warranty or man-made damage, the company will provide maintenance service for life, with the lowest price to provide spare parts. LZZG provide users with the production of fine sand recycling machine all accessories, with complete models, reliable performance, stable and durable. Ensure that the first time to meet customer parts replacement demand, reduce user maintenance downtime.


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