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Matters needing attention in the use of sand washing machine



Matters needing attention in the use of sand washing machine. We bought a machine equipment is the most want to let the sand washing machine can work efficiently, then we have to pay attention to in the use of what? How to make sand washing machine can be high efficiency and low energy consumption?
Below we have a simple thing to say, in fact, after we buying back the sand washing machine, installed to work is quite seriously and carefully, for fear of sand washing machine failure reduce the efficiency of work, but many people ignore the point that if the rational use of sand washing equipment that the equipment will  be more efficiency.
There are some customers in the use of process did not strictly follow the steps to do, was not found to have any special situation, but like this for a long time it will greatly washing sand machine equipment, the work efficiency.
Such as: sometimes we’ll in order to catch up with the progress of the work and let wash pressure blasting machine equipment continued at a high temperature work, leading to wash sand machine motor temperature rise, in severe burned these motors will drag the work efficiency of the sand washing machine. In the summer heat of the weather we want to let the sand washing machine equipment to get the right amount of rest, do not continue to work uninterrupted. Wash sand equipment sometimes are even more delicate, so you have to recognise the sand washing machine as a “person”, don’t always make sand washing machine day and night work, proper rest can improve work efficiency better!
Matters needing attention in the use of sand washing machine:
1: the washing machine in the normal operation of the load, before entering the production of sand washing.
2: the material to join the sand washing machine, in order to prevent excessive material, sand washing effect is poor.
3: parking, should stop to the material, sand washing machine to continue working for 5-10 minutes, to be discharged inside the cavity and then shut down, so as to avoid the next boot card dead.
4: to promptly remove the sand washing machine inside the wastewater and precipitation of dust, or will reduce the effect of washing sand and increase equipment load.
5: sand washing machine screen wear should be replaced after.
6: should always check the oil level in the sand washing machine, triangle belt transmission, gear meshing, and lubrication, fastening connector whether there is loose to ensure the machine is in normal and stable working state, and at the same time to sufficient lubrication to the friction parts, regularly filling lubricating oil.
7: for the first time to sand washing machine speed reducer and lubricating oil used for a month, to the timely replacement of a lubricating oil, the filling should be filtered, lubricating oil type selection of South than in the north, selection of high viscosity lubricating oil.
8: to be equipped with sand washing machine necessary maintenance tools, as well as the lubricating oil and the corresponding accessories.

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