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Matters needing attention in management of slurry treatment system


Slurry treatment system is increasingly becoming a necessity of civilized construction since it not only can cut down construction cost, but also can reduce the pollution of the environment. While, how much do you know about its daily management considerations? The following is a brief introduction to the considerations in its use.

(1) According to the requirements of the machine, observe the observation items and check and maintain the machine regularly

For example, when inspecting the centrifugal dehydrator, pay attention to the oil level of the oil tank, the oil flow of the bearing, the temperature of the cooling water and the cooling oil, the vibration of the equipment and the ammeter reading, etc.


(2) Regularly check the wear of the easily worn parts of the dewaterer and replace them if necessary

The wear parts of the belt type press dewaterer are roller, press cloth, etc. The wear parts of the centrifugal dewaterer are screw conveyor.


(3) Clean hard particles such as sand

If it is found that the sand and other hard particles in the mud cause damage to the filter belt, drum or screw conveyor, it shall be repaired immediately. If the damage is serious, it shall be replaced.


(4) Control the temperature or replace the dehydrating agent with better effect

Mud water separation effect of mud dehydrator is greatly affected by temperature. For example, when using centrifugal dehydrator, the moisture content of mud cake in winter is 2% ~ 3% higher than that in summer. Therefore, in winter, mud conveying and heat preservation of dehydration machine room should be strengthened, or dosage of agent should be increased, and even better dehydrator needs to be replaced sometimes.


(5) When the dehydrator is shut down, there must be enough time for water flushing

To ensure that the machine inside and outside of the body thoroughly clean, reduce the possibility of odor. Otherwise, if the mud is dried on the machine, the bond fastness is very large, and then it is very difficult to rinse, which will directly affect the normal operation and dehydration effect of the next dehydrator.



(6)Frequently observe and test the dewatering effect of the dehydrator during dehydration

If it is found that the solids content of the mud cake has decreased or the filtrate is cloudy, measures should be taken to solve the problem in time.


At the same time, observe whether the operation of the dewaterer itself is normal, and take measures to solve the abnormal situation in time to avoid big problems of the dewaterer.
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