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Lzzg dewatering screen solves the problem of sand and stone impurities.


In order to solve the problem of the impurities and dehydration of sand and stone, a vibrating screen is used to process the sand. Vibrating screen can remove dust, impurities and dirt from sand, so as to improve the quality of sandstone and create benefits for users.

When washing sand, many users have used sand washing machine, but no matter what type of sand washing machine can not clean the whole impurities, so it is hard to remove the impurity in the sand, soil, which will seriously affect the quality of the sand and gravel.

Lzzg dewatering screen

It is recommended that users should be equipped with vibrating screen after washing machine. The sand washed by the sand washing machine can be cleaned, dehydrated and graded twice, thus reducing the content of water, mud and impurities in the sand.

According to sand and stone standard, the sand that contains impurity too much is absolutely not up to the standard of use, so it is better to use dewatering screen to carry out secondary treatment to sand stone.

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