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LZZG brand sand recycling equipment development status


LUOYANG LONGZHONG heavy industry is a professional sand washing sand re-use equipment manufacturers, fine sand recycling machine is our flagship product. Employing domestic professionals on the fine sand extractor technology in-depth study, combined with the user’s feedback, we have repeatedly improved and technological innovation of fine sand recovery unit, has become the best effect of the fine sand recycling equipment. The company brings together a large number of determined to forge ahead on behalf of the industry-leading level of management, scientific research elite. Strong technical force, all kinds of professional and technical personnel complete, according to China’s different regions of the loss of sand design and production to meet the user’s actual situation of the sand recovery system, the company attaches great importance to international technical exchanges and cooperation, the introduction of the international developed countries Advanced technology and technology, advanced technology in foreign countries on the basis of localization, we have been rational in the exploration and innovation, the development of a high technological content of fine sand extraction equipment.

Sand recycling equipment in the sand production line, not only can greatly improve the sand production line production efficiency for enterprises to create great wealth, but also conducive to sand production line of energy saving and environmental protection. So fine sand recycling equipment, whether for economic development or the development of environmental protection has a great contribution and great significance.

LONGZHONG Heavy Industry is one of the most professional manufacturers of fine sand recycling machines at home and abroad. Its research and development of fine sand recycling equipment has the characteristics of small investment, high efficiency of recycling, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, etc., is the most economical and practical sand recycling equipment. Welcome to the new and old customers to visit, negotiations and cooperation!


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