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LZ series sand extraction machine


Fine sand recovery efficiency as high as 95%

Fine sand extraction machine using semi closed design, after separation, sediment and wastewater will be discharged from the upper part of the cyclone. Waste discharge and recycling of many times, the final recovery rate of up to 95% or more.


Durable, long service life

For the fine sand recovery equipment wear serious problems, researchers began to design fine sand extraction machine is put forward on the components of key equipment vulnerable structures reinforced with special material, which can prolong the service life of equipment.


Economic environmental protection, reduce pollution, create income

Research and development of sand extraction machine for decades, LZZG not only to enhance the quality of sand stone. At the same time, the efficient recycling of granular materials have a rapid growth, so that it is widely used in environmental protection and other projects, so as to achieve economic and environmental benefits.


Wide application materials, industry and more practical

Sand recycling machine can be applied to artificial sand production line, mud purification, hydropower station aggregate system, glass raw material processing system, the recovery of coarse slime coal preparation plant etc.


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