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Longzhong produced multi-functional washing sand machine


1.A machine for multi-purpose, a return on investment multiple
Multi-function sand washing machine is also called new sand recovery machine, integrating fine sand recovery machine and sand washing machine all functions, only need to buy a device, you can achieve washing sand, sand recovery and other functions.

2.Cleaning materials more clean
The use of Long in the factory’s multi-functional sand washing machine greatly reducing the sand in the mud, water, dust, impurities, improve the quality and price of sand.

3.Double screen design, according to the needs of adjustment, to achieve the grading of sand
The multi-functional sand washing recovery machine series adopts double dehydration sieve, the upper layer produces coarse sand, and the lower layer produces fine sand, coarse or fine sand, and can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

4.Small footprint, easy installation, easy migration
Multi-function sand washing recovery machine series, the structure is very compact, small footprint, transportation, installation is very easy!

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