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Is there a false propaganda about sludge dewatering screen ?


Dehydration system of vibrating screen has brought great convenience to mining , metallurgy , sand production line , because of simple operation , low cost advantage . LZZG engaged in dewatering screen production for decades , accumulated a large number of relevant work experience and a certain scale of the customer . Recently a few customers have reflected a strange phenomenon: Dehydration of linear vibration screen production capacity is lower than the theoretical calculation value of the original designed , is there a false propaganda about dehydration screen advertising ? What is the reason and how can we do to avoid this mistake ? A veteran of the dewatering screen work simulated stylist gives the following reply :
Linear vibrating screen production capacity is lower than the design theory of the problem of calculated value , we can simply by adjusting the eccentric linear vibrating screen in the position of the vibrating screen , adjust the vibrating screen into the material , check the angle of the amplitude of the vibrating screen and equipment to solve the problem .The use of different occasions for the capacity of vibrating screen and screening efficiency have different technical requirements , so the above method of user should ensure the machine working according to the specific situation for the application of flexible .


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