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Influence of external environment on fine sand recovery machine


In order to strengthen customers’ understanding of local conditions and factors affecting the productivity of fine sand recovery machine, as well as the cognition of service life and other issues, we now focus on the impact of the external environment on fine sand recycling machine.

Working site of fine sand recycling machine:
Modern many large sand recycling machine such as asphalt mixing equipment, stable soil mixing equipment, combined crusher, mobile wheel bucket sand washing machine and other large scale, each part of the quality of dozens to hundreds of tons, the requirements of the working site is more strict.

Therefore, we must give full consideration to the choice of the work site to the wind, rivers, and the effects on the device may, surrounding buildings and ground smooth, dense, as far as possible, avoid sand recycling machines in use process due to the large weight, the tilt of violent vibration causes such as equipment, foundation subsidence and cause unnecessary rework waste and economic losses.

Natural environment:
Factors such as heat, cold, rain, snow, wind and altitude in the natural environment will have a great impact on the normal use of sand recycling machine.

Fine sand recycling machine in hot, cold and other conditions of use, should take necessary measures to protect the fine sand recycling machine, and according to the actual situation of some parameters of the equipment necessary adjustment.The size of the wind on the fine sand recovery machine has a very important impact on the normal work, when the wind is too large, the equipment will be carried by the conveyor belt run off, serious will occur when the conveyor belt tearing or feeding belt rack tilt, collapse and other phenomena.

Energy device of fine sand recycling machine:
As the power of large highway construction machinery is now in the hundreds of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts, so the sand recovery machine to provide power to the safety, stability and economy of the energy device has higher requirements.

sand recycling

Before starting up, the sand recycling machine should carry out the system maintenance and inspection of the energy device, and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the output power of the generator, the stability and safety of the work, so as to provide strong power support for the normal operation of the equipment.

Many factors influence the properties of fine sand recycling machine use, only to master the various factors influencing the performance of construction machinery, can in actual construction process, according to the factors which influence the equipment performance, ready to more fully, improve the utilization rate of fine sand recycling machine and reduce the production cost, achieve more economic benefits.

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