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How to solve the problem of slow discharge of dewatering screen


Dewatering screen in the use of the process of slow discharge will be what cause and how to solve it?Let’s talk about it in detail.

1,Dewatering screen can not start or amplitude is too small, should first consider whether there is damage to the motor, or the circuit of the components are not damaged, may also be at the time and local voltage is insufficient, if the three aspects are not the problem, it must be checked from the machinery, the screen surface material accumulation should be removed immediately too much.Due to the accumulation of too much material will directly affect the vibration screen amplitude.If the coupling bolt on the vibration motor falls off or the grease thickens and becomes caked, the vibration motor can be cleaned and repaired at this time, and then the position of the eccentric shaft weight block or the sub-eccentric block can be adjusted appropriately.

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2,The abnormal activity of materials on the screen surface may be due to the critical frequency of insufficient rigidity of the screen box, indicating that the connection bolt has been vibrated loose, or even to the degree of overall vibrated loose, which needs to be tightened immediately.The second is the horizontal screen box did not find the right, from the supporting foot spring itself to find fault, the spring or the pad or change the size of the support, there may be screen surface damage, as long as the replacement of the screen can be.If because screen box rigidity is insufficient all the time, transverse level is not looked for correctly to be able to cause crossbeam to break, if still running, also can make material activity unusual.There may also be improper manipulation, that is, the feeding imbalance is also one of the reasons.

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3, In the normal operation of the vibration screen rotation is relatively slow, bearing heat, this shows that the usual maintenance did not keep up, the bearing is short of grease;Daily maintenance is also very important.If the grease that is added newly on bearing, it is the quality problem of grease possibly or add too full, inferior oil makes bearing obstruction labyrinth seals card plug, so the quality of grease is commensurate and important.The sieving quality of vibrating screen is not good, the reason is the use of improper may also be blocked mesh, into the material in the fine grain increase and increase in moisture, so that the screen on the material layer is too thick feeding uneven, the responsibility of the machine may be on both sides of the screen pull not tight, if the shaft eccentric vibration, may be unable to drag belt belt too loose.

The above is our simple summary of the slow discharge of materials in the work of the dewatering screen, which may be not comprehensive enough. If you encounter similar problems in the actual operation, please contact us if you have any doubts, we are appreciate to serve you at any time.

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