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How to replace the mesh of dehydration sieve


The mesh of dehydration sieve is dedicated polyurethane sieve, polyurethane sieve  is definitely not need to replace within a year under normal circumstance. But how to replace the mesh when dehydration sieve is unable to work? What need to attention in exchange the screen? The following is a detailed description of the steps:

  1. Making thewidth of mesh and the grid is consistence, the length of the scree

should more 50 ~ 70mm than dehydration screen frame.

  1. Tobe surethe screen is tighten up when installing screen, because the tensioner

degree is an important factor in influencing the efficiency.

  1. If a large proportion of material is requiredor sieve sizeis higher, the suitable

screen should be increased, which aims to play a supporting role, to reduce the

pressure on screen , extending its life;

  1. Must pay attention to its flatnesswhen install of dehydration sieveplate, and

lined with strong scalability sponge sealed with screw down, because it is the key

to prevent the occurrence of mixed-level, but also lengthen the life of the shaker



If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.