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How to reduce the use cost of filter press


Most of the customers who use the filter press are concerned not only about the working efficiency of the filter press, but also about its operating cost. If the equipment is properly used or maintained, the cost saved in the long run will be considerable.So today we will introduce how to reduce the cost of using the filter press.

The advantage of filter in tailing dewatering treatment


The first is the saving of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil saving mainly has two aspects: 1. Leakage 2. Pollution prevention.First of all, we should close the oil valve of the hydraulic system and the direct contact channel of the hydraulic oil, so as to minimize the contamination of the hydraulic oil by external substances, so as to minimize the replacement of the hydraulic oil, which may save part of the cost.

And relative to the hydraulic system, hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system circulation, hydraulic system by environmental factors, the impact of time hydraulic system will gradually aging will leak.Therefore, we should check the sealing ring and other positions regularly. In case of leakage, we should stop working and repair in time to reduce the leakage as much as possible.

Then there’s the filter press.Now most of the filter plate is made of polypropylene material, in addition to the equipment working environment.If the filter plate of the filter press is not well maintained, the cost of replacing the filter plate will be a big expense.

What needs to be reminded is that we do not need to blindly pursue the pressure of the filter press, as long as we can ensure that the equipment can work properly on the line.This can greatly reduce the probability of damage to the filter plate.At the same time pay attention in the filter press work if found suspicious solids at the edge of the filter plate should be cleaned away in time.

filter press

Finally, there is the press cloth, which is one of the easily damaged materials in the filter press and also a large part of the equipment cost.Therefore, when using the filter press, we try not to move or change the press cloth easily. If the working opportunity of the press cloth increases, it means that the chance of press cloth rupture increases, which also increases the cost of the equipment.
At the same time, as far as possible to reduce some of the sharp objects into the filter press, which can greatly reduce the damage of the cloth.We’ve always saved some money.

The above is how we sorted out for you to reduce the use cost of filter press a few suggestions, hope to help you, want to know more information about filter press, please contact us.

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