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How to install fine sand recovery machine properly?


Recently our patented product, fine sand recycling machine received a large order by domestic and foreign customers, when you receive the machine, how to install and put into operation as soon as possible?

Installation of the attention of some of the issues, LZZG for everyone ordered:

1, the device arrived at the scene, the user inventory by acceptance. Carefully check the quality and quantity of the components, especially the smaller parts.

2, the first washing tank placed on the basis of concrete, according to the level above the channel steel frame to require four-point error within ± 2mm.

3, the installation of vibrating screen, four supporting beams installed on the spring bearing, the spacing to be basically the same,  the rubber spring the ground plane to be vertical, tighten the clamp bolt, then motor line.

4, the installation of the pump; the pump body placed on the foundation, the base after leveling with the ground pad real. Pump front-mounted valves, water pipes and washing trough, the water pipe to be aligned and welded firmly not leaking, to the second foot after grouting solid fastening bolts. The motor should first test the direction of rotation of the power cord to be consistent with the direction of the pump body, and then docking with the flange, find and then fasten the motor anchor bolts. Pump is not empty load operation.

5, swirling device: the cyclone installed in the tank on the back of the tank on the back seat of the elbow and the outlet will be docked well, the lower end of the elbow into the feed box and welding with the upper cover, sand Recycle the discharge hopper at the front end of the cyclone, tighten the bolts and fasten. Install Φ76mm into the material rubber tube, the lower end of the pump outlet pipe connected with wire tight hoop.

6, installed overflow rubber tube and according to the scene into the sink.


If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.