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How to install dewatering screen panels


LZZG’s dewatering screen is specially used in the polyurethane screen plate, so in general, there will be no major problems within a year.But when its service life expires, how to install dewatering screen panels?Here is a brief description of the exchange panels should pay attention to what matters.

1. After the dewatering screen frame is assembled into the screen box as required, the extra 50-70mm screen must be extended into the corresponding discharge port to avoid mixing;

2. During cutting, the width of the dewatering screen should be consistent with the mesh frame, and the length of the mesh must be 50~70mm longer than that of the dewatering screen frame;

3. When installing the screen mesh, it must be tightened, because the tightening degree of the screen mesh is an important factor affecting the screening efficiency of dewatering;

4. When installing the clear net bounce ball, the screening difficulty and mesh number of the material must be taken into account, and it cannot be added blindly;

Dewatering screen

5. If the proportion of materials is large or the mesh number of mesh to be installed for dewatering screen is high, the mesh number of supporting mesh should be increased below the mesh to play a supporting role, reduce the pressure of materials on the mesh and extend its service life;

6, the installation of dewatering screen pressure plate, must pay attention to its flatness, and lined with a strong flexibility of the sponge seal belt uniform locking, because this is not only to prevent the occurrence of mixing level of the key, but also affects the life of the vibration screen screen is an important factor;

7. After installation, a few materials should be used for testing. If the materials are evenly transported forward, and the classification is accurate, and there is no mixing phenomenon, it indicates that it can be put into use;On the contrary, if there is an uneven phenomenon, the flatness and uniformity of the screen surface of the dewatering screen should be adjusted or the eccentric hammer Angle of the vibration motor should be adjusted.In case of mixed grade, check the sealing and compaction of the dewatering screen.

Dewatering screen

The above are a few things we should pay attention to when replacing the dewatering screen. Although the quality of LZZG’s products is very good, we still need to be careful in the process of use to minimize unnecessary trouble. Of course, it will be very convenient for us to learn how to replace the dewatering screen panel .

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.